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I'm falling to pieces..
A shot in the dark
A past lost in space
And where do I start
The past and the chase
You hunted me down
Like a wolf, a predator
I felt like a deer in love lights

You loved me and I froze in time
Hungry for that flesh of mine
But I can't compete with a she-wolf, who has brought me to my knees
What do you see in those yellow eyes?

I'm falling to pieces.

Did she lie in wait
Was I bait, to pull you in
The thrill of the kill
You feel, is a sin
I lay with the wolves
alone it seems, I thought I was part of you

I'm falling to pieces

[link] For anyone who wondered where I got the inspiration/lyrics.

**EDIT** Made a few lighting changes.
Halo Reference
Ok finally getting around to the info of their ref here goes.

Name: Halo
Gender: Genderless
Age: Unknown because they are a hybrid 
DOB: Feb 28th
Sexuality: Only likes females (no sexual tendencies)
Height on all fours: 7ft at shoulder

Personality: Insane, Bipolar, Blunt, Rude, Short Tempered, Brutally Honest, Violent Tendencies, Known to be Cannibalistic, Murderer

Likes: Their small group of friends, raw meat, making strangers afraid of them, cuddling close friends (Mostly Bane), Murder, Gore, Violence, Cute females, Nearly all Music, darkness, stars
Dislikes: Waking Up, Country Music, Strangers, Crowds, Anyone forcing them or friends to do things, overly nice people, anyone calling them female or male

Random Shit: Horns start behind ears not above, they normally talk in forms of growls and grunts, only speak if absolutely needed, insanely protective, can't go a day without music, tail is as long if not longer then them, can alter appearance and size, ears always back.




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